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Prepare for your session...

Kelsie creates a sacred space at her Pagosa Springs, Colorado office through which the Spirits of Light are able to come and assist you in your healing process.

To prepare for the session, it is recommended that you wear light colored, loose clothes, if possible. Reflect on the healing you would like to receive remembering that healing can be on many levels beyond physical. Please read the page on healing before coming.

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What to expect...

When you come for your crystal light therapy/energy healing session you can expect a gentle, yet very deep, treatment. You will be in the healing room alone lying on a massage table with the crystal lights aligned with your chakras. These crystals have been blessed by the Spirits of Light that work at the Casa in Abadiania, Brazil. Healing music will play as Kelsie sits in the next room in a state of deep prayer and meditation. Expect a relaxing, yet very powerful, session. You will want to have time to relax after the session, if that is possible.


The benefits from Kelsie's healing sessions are as varied as the experiences people have during the session. Often people have spontaneous healings of relationships, reduction/elimination of pain, sense of deep peace, improved sleep, clarity on life issues (i.e. - what to do next with my life?), transformation of hurtful or harmful memories and emotions, physical healings. 

Pagosa Springs, Colorado... healing waters...


Pagosa Springs is a town for healing. Plan to come for a few days, or a week, when you come for healing sessions with Kelsie. Her office is located in historic downtown Pagosa right across from the Springs Inn.

Distance Healing...

Unable to come to Pagosa Springs for your healing sessions?

CLICK HERE for details about distance healing.

Fees for Healing Sessions...

It is recommended that you do a series of sessions, if possible, to go deep with your healing. Your healing will build upon previous sessions and will be more and more extraordinary as the healing penetrates all layers... physically, emotionally, spiritually.

1 session - $85                             Package of 5 sessions - $400                       Package of 10 sessions - $750

LOCALS... Email Kelsie for your local discount prices.

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