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Student & patient testimonials

“Kelsie’s work literally saved my life. There was a time when my pain was so bad I had a gun to my head. Learning how to relax with the pain began to reduce it. I now have a life again. I could never thank Kelsie enough for how her work transformed my life.”

D.S., Fort Collins, CO.
Biofeedback patient


“I feel like I just had a couple of glasses of wine….but I know I didn’t!”

A.L., Durango, CO. 
Student, Calming Your Body/Stilling Your Mind


“I was real skeptical about this stuff initially….but I told my doctor, ‘Kelsie made a believer out of me!’. The work has helped me through some very difficult times. I listen to her tapes every night for years now….when I can get them away from my wife and kids.” 

T.B., Loveland, CO.
Biofeedback patient


“I have been in two major vehicle accidents which were six months apart. I went through extensive treatment and never improved. I was told that I would never get to full recovery. Thanks to Kelsie’s work I am 100% recovered from my accidents and I haven’t felt this great since I was in my teens!!” 

S.S., Aurora, CO.
Biofeedback patient


“Every time I went for a session with Kelsie she would have me rank my pain on a scale of 1 – 10. When we started my head and eye pain were always at a #7 or #8 and when we were done, to my amazement, it was always at #0! Her work is like magic! Even better…now I know how to do that on myself.” 

D.S., Boulder, CO. 
Biofeedback patient


“Until I was in this accident I thought that relaxation was something that ‘happened’ if the circumstances were right. I had no real understanding that relaxation could happen if I wanted it to happen. Thank you!”

P.V., Fort Collins, CO.
Biofeedback patient


“Kelsie has an aura of calmness that has helped me emotionally and physically to heal. She’s great! She’s wonderful!” 

S.H., Loveland, CO.
Biofeedback patient

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