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Holistic, compassionate, effective

Healing takes place with self-compassion, acceptance, and balancing the autonomic nervous system. Using a body-centered and mindfulness-based approach you will learn how to regulate your autonomic nervous system and your pain. 


When working with chronic pain it is critical to release stored stress and trauma from the nervous system. It is not helpful to re-live or re-activate the stress or trauma. On the contrary, it is important to learn ways to gently release the memory using a mindful approach. Living more fully in the present moment can then be possible.

We all want to be happy, yet, at times, life can be deeply challenging. The difficult times can be a catalyst for change, growth, healing, and new beginnings. Pain and suffering in life can motivate us to seek more effective support and coping tools to manage life's challenges with greater calm, confidence, and clarity. A rich and satisfying life starts with awareness. Without awareness we remain perpetually stuck in old patterns in the body and mind.


There are moments in life that knock us off our feet, leave us feeling fragmented, out of breath, and unsure of how to stand back up again. Pain can leave you with overwhelming emotions and wondering how to find meaning in your life again. I aim to understand and address the ways in which your concerns manifest in the mind, body, and spirit. I believe that clients come to me already holding the answers and it is my role to help empower them to connect with their inner knowing.


My approach to therapy is compassionate and non-judgmental. It is a neurobiological approach integrated with humanistic and transpersonal psychology. Looking for help is a courageous first step in the journey. None of us is meant to do it alone. 

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