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“It is with great pleasure I am recommending Kelsie to you. I have worked closely with her for the last four years. I have nothing but positive things to say about her, her expertise, her care for patients, and her professional demeanor…..In conjunction with me, she served primarily patients with chronic pain. I never had any reservation about recommending Kelsie to any of our patients, physicians, or attorneys representing these patients…..She has an admirable combination of skills, positive approach, and great sense of humor.”

Ken Kirchner., PhD., Fort Collins, CO.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Kelsie Kenefick's program is a gift to migraine sufferers around the world. She has created the only comprehensive biofeedback-based program that I have seen and has set up the program so that anyone can do it. Her relaxation CDs are the best I have heard and her voice is the most soothing and relaxing voice imaginable! I go to sleep every night listening to her CDs... and I sleep like an angel!

Kelsie Kenefick is a biofeedback therapist who draws on thirty of years of study in mind-body medicine, yoga and psychology, and sixteen years specializing in the treatment of migraine, to create the seven-step program outlined in the book. The seven steps include: making a commitment to create new habits through the program; understanding the role of the autonomic nervous system in regards to migraine; calming the body and mind through breathing, relaxation and imagery exercises; learning to relax the shoulder, neck, eye and jaw muscles; using thoughts to heal through affirmations; and increasing your circulation through temperature training (biofeedback).

I have personally experienced Kelsie's work and her program is nothing short of brilliant. She has put it together in a way that anyone who is motivated can follow her program and master the skills she teaches.

As an M.D., I have treated hundreds of migraine patients over the years and am witness to the struggles migraineurs encounter when they rely on pharmaceuticals alone. The Migraines Be Gone Program is the perfect compliment. This is a book about empowerment for individuals who are ready to take responsibility for their health and well-being. A true gift to migraine sufferers everywhere... bravo to Kelsie Kenefick!

Maurieke Shyelle, M.D.

Boulder, CO.


Migraines Be Gone is an excellent program that is packed with do-it-yourself information. Today's health care teaches a passive approach to treating health problems, and as millions of migraine sufferers have learned, this passive approach has very serious limitations when it comes to relieving migraines. It can actually make migraines worse in the long run. Migraines Be Gone is exactly what you need to start taking control of your migraines. I highly recommend this program to all of my patients with migraines.

Dr. Garret Rock

Louisville, CO.

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