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We are currently accepting payments from the following insurance companies...

  • Pinnacol Assurance

  • Worker's Compensation - other

  • Medicaid

  • Meritain Insurance

  • Rocky Mountain Health Plans

  • Veterans - both combat vets & non- combat veterans

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If you have a different insurance company we can work together to see if we can get you covered. While some insurance companies will not cover biofeedback they will cover Counseling for Chronic Pain which is billed under my license as a professional counselor. If billed under the counseling license you will not be able to be hooked up to the instruments.

Cash Pay Clients...

$95 / session or $850 for package of 10 sessions

The training is typically completed in 12 - 16 sessions. In most cases patients have control over their symptoms in this amount of time.

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